Tru-flex® Cushion Coat


Cushion Coat is a high performance coating consisting of encapsulated rubber particles and fillers, carefully blended with 100% acrylic emulsion, to create a shock absorbing type of color surface when used as part of the Tru-flex system. Cushion coat has a uniform texture and adds resilience to asphalt and concrete court surfaces.

  • Film enables normal moisture to pass through as vapor
  • Creates a shock absorbing type of color surface
  • Flexible and not affected by hot or cold
  • Use over painted or unpainted asphalt and concrete tennis court surfaces and other play areas

Available Sheens: N/A

Available Colors: Neutral

Cleanup: Water

Resin Type: Acrylic

Recommended Use: Interior or exterior

MPI Rating: N/A

Check with your local INSL-X DEALER for product availability.